About Us

‘E-YashaswiUdyojak’ is an initiative of deAsara Foundation. The objective of this initiative is to develop interest in entrepreneurship and business among the youth, and to create a conducive environment so as order to foster entrepreneurship. ‘YashaswiUdyojak’ is useful for all those who wish to start a new business or expand their existing businesses.

We believe that running a business, a venture or a start-up is not a one-man’s job, but needs teamwork. We are eager to help and support you in your entrepreneurship journey. And so, we say that YashaswiUdyojak is ‘for every business and for each one in the business’.


Our YouTube channel contains inspiring success stories of various entrepreneurs, interviews of entrepreneurs who choose the offbeat path, guidance from famous businesspersons, and much more. Do visit our YouTube channel and other social media,for one of the interviews, guidance stories or even an inspiring line can change the path of your business, and thereby your life.

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‘E-Yashaswi Udyojak’ Editorial Team

  • Anand Awadhani
  • Suhas Kulkarni
  • Pradnya Godbole
  • Ajay Kautikwar
  • Vrushali Joglekar

Registrar of Newspapers for India – MAHMAR/2015/61654. Publishing at Pune District