deAsra Foundation

In the 21st century, India is progressing rapidly in the fields of science, technology, infrastructure and start-ups. While the county is scaling new heights in terms of progress, the problem of unemployment has not been resolved yet; in fact it is becoming more complicated. Every year, India prepares 12 million youth ready for employment. However, employment opportunities are unfortunately not adequately available to this youth.

With the intention to create new employment opportunities for the youth, that employees turn into employers, and that an ecosystem is formed for those wishing to make progress in their businesses, Persistent Systems Limited’s Founder and MD, Dr. Anand Deshpande and his wife, Sonali founded deAsra Foundation in 2015. deAsra Foundation is a non-profit-making organisation (Section 8).

deAsra Foundation provides support at every step from starting a business to expanding an existing business. All services of deAsra Foundation are available on digital medium. Thanks to its customer-friendly prompt service, outstanding quality, experienced and expert advisors and excellent use of technology, deAsra Foundation has been able to make its mark and establish its name as a unique organisation.

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